On-set at The Tez O’Clock Show….in yo’ FACE!

We’ve been building towards this moment for weeks and now it’s here…. and of course we’re here!

Team Sundae is at MediaCityUK, on-set, on the ground at RX1 of Tez Ilyas’ The Tez O’Clock Show by Expectation for Channel 4.

The studio is bubbling with the vibration of hushed excitement; amongst the audience are some of Tez’s friends and family, some key media, and some well known Manchester faces.

Speaking of faces… our Wednesday evening has been made even more special by the presence of TJ and Sara who are here to do a BTS interview feature on Tez and the making of the show for, the iconic and newly re-lanched, The Face

TJ is taking care of words for the article so we get the ball rolling by making sure he has a great spot within the live studio audience for the duration of the recording. Next, we speak to Sara who is taking care of photos to figure out just how she is going to get the shots that she needs – turns out that this can only happen by all of us moving very (VERY) quickly!

We’re ready!

John Bishop has just turned up and is getting ready to go on stage. Everybody is already in stitches as Tez is warming up the audience – if you have ever seen Tez do stand up then you can imagine how hilarious this is – and when John joins him it goes next level.

And we’re off!

The record starts and the talent are doing their thing, the photographers are doing their thing and as much as we’d love to pop our trotters up and enjoy the show… we are now doing our thing.

We’re thinking about tomorrow’s newslines and clips; what will make in the morning? What best represents the show? What are the hot topics? What will people find funny?

Thanks to the talent on show, by the end of the record we’ve got more than enough material for the morning.

We work with the amazing production team at Expectation to decide which of our selections are the most newsworthy for them to turn into slick, perfectly edited clips overnight for us to issue first thing – John Bishop talking about the audience taking to the streets to overthrow the current government and make Tez Prime Minister (see video below) is a no brainer!

It’s late at night now but Sara’s got her pics, TJ’s had the Tez experience and we’re all set to tell the press what to expect from tomorrow’s show.

TJ’s meeting Tez round the corner first thing in the morning for the interview portion of the feature… we better get to bed!

Tom x

(Images: The Tez O’Clock Show / Expectation / Channel 4 / Joseph Scanlon / Stuart Wood / publicity shots)


A late-night satirical comedy show… that is TRULY anti-establishment – it’s hosted by a northern working-class British-Asian-Muslim.

The Tez O'Clock Show

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